Tuesday, November 4, 2008


We voted this morning!

It is a wonderful privilege to have the freedom to vote.

I hope all of you take the opportunity to vote as well.



Dwight Donahey said...

I took care of my patriotic duty / privilege a little while ago. Actually, it sounds like voter turnout is quite high here in our area. I just hope everyone makes the RIGHT decision, if you get what I mean!

Andrea said...

Well It does not look like everyone made the right decision, but I am so thankful that my hope is in God!

YoLanda said...

Hey Andrea,
I cannot believe it! I found you online! I have often thought about you and wondered how you are! I'm so excited!

This is YoLanda Seese! Do remember me?

Andrea said...

Hi YoLanda,
Yes I do remember you!
That is cool that you found me.
Do you have a blog?